Gethsemane Church of Jesus Christ, Inc.

"Where You Will Be Delivered"

Women's Ministry

Our continuing theme is "Women Working Together in Unity: In Unity there is Strength."

Our goal is to help women to grow spiritually into a lifestyle that use their knowledge and gifts to reach non-christian. With the focus on women's spiritual development. How to serve one another in Christ. Help each other in time's of need and to grow in faith.

Men's Ministry

Our purpose is to reveal Jesus Christ to all men. Provide men with the resource to develop character. Under the leadership of Deacon Rayford Williams a faithful mentor and leader for over 20 years. With Elder Vance Rogers different initiatives have been created. By fellowship, study and pray to strengthen our walk with God. These attributes allow the Men's Ministry Auxiliary not only to positively impact the congregation, but the community at large.