Gethsemane Church of Jesus Christ, Inc.

"Where You Will Be Delivered"

Gethsemane Youth Worshippers

We praise and worship to provide an outlet for the youth to express themselves!

Gethsemane Youth Worshiper's are a group of young saints who come together to give God glory through praise and worship. The second Sunday of every month we are in charge of the evening service. We have a special service called "Youth Breakout Session" every other Friday evening. Our auxiliary provides an outlet for the youth members of our church to express themselves, ask questions and pioneer new ways to give God the glory.

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Gethsemane young people have participated in a lot of events:

*State, National, and International church councils.

*Volunteer with senior citizens.

*Out of town fellowship with other churches.

*Youth Night.

*Skating, Six Flags, Nomad's, McCray's Farm.

Preteen Mentoring with Coordinator - Sister Lynnette Smith

Girls ages 10-14

Gethsemane Youth Choir Director - Sister Michelle Ivey